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Connect with a professional sports coach.

  • Web design
  • Animation
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • React

All NOHrD fitness devices make use of a similar ideology - enhancing the experience via digital workouts. The purpose of this application, NOHrD Coach, later named 'My-NOHrD', is to give users access to all the available digital content, matching their purchased devices.

Besides the access to this digital content, the system allows users to get advice from a personal professional coach. After purchasing a subscription, users can request a personal coach. The coach will support the users in their sportive goals and recommend workouts based on their preferences.

Project at

My role in this project

For this project I was a designer, front-end developer and web developer. The goal of this project was to provide a 'all-in-one' web environment, suitable for customers of various NOHrD fitness devices. All applications of the NOHrD devices would feature specific sets of workouts, and in the 'My-NOHrD' environment, customers could register their device and create their own workouts, or navigate through pre-created workouts by NOHrD.

Initially, I designed the dashboard, library, coach, devices, and settings environment. Sticking to the already existing NOHrD style (I had previously designed items for NOHrD applications), was essential to maintain consistency across the product line. After I was satisfied with the interface flow and the design, and the NOHrD team was satisfied as well - I started to develop the system. A team member of Label305 had already pre-build certain parts of the system, as for me, I did not have much experience in working with the Laravel framework.

The development of (parts of) the back-end went quite smoothly, although I was more 'comfortable' with the development of the front-end of the application. The dashboard is developed using the React framework, to allow for responsive filtering of the fast available content.

Division of skills


Interface design

Front-end development


Web development

PHP, Laravel



Project Management

Problem-solving, decision making

Designing for an ecosystem.

With all NOHrD products having an individual app, it makes sense to have consistency throughout these apps. In the Coach project, reusable interface elements have been designed; these elements are used in the various NOHrD apps, such as We-Row and Bike.

Screenshot of the library view of the Coach system.
A collection of several fitness products by NOHrD.

Request feedback from a professional.

The advantage of the premium subscription of the Coach system is to have access to a professional coach. Users can request a personal coach by filling in a short form, in which they answer all questions that are relevant to the coach. Once a coach has been assigned to the form, the request will be reviewed. The first thing a coach will do to welcome the user to the premium subscription, is by setting up a workout that is tailored to the users needs.

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