Powerful yet structured.

The range of functionalities make the EdLink system extremely powerful. It is a great challenge to give users of the system an idea of the system status at a glance, for a system that can display so much relevant information. The top 5 columns of the dashboard provide a quick overview of the system status. After having used the system for a short while, users should quickly learn where to look for the desired information.

Smart matching of customers.

When linking multiple customer management systems, there will always be duplicates. EdLink automatically recognizes duplicate metadata of customers, and allows the administrator of the system to merge this metadata together. The intuitive interface displayed below emphasizes the differences between the two found files. After selecting the correct fields the data can be merged, previewing the resulting metadata before executing.

Quick access to the information you need.

EdLink allows for advanced filtering of the available data. By creating custom filters, any desired set of customers can be found. This is great for data management, but even greater for market targeting. A specific set of customers could be suited for a lead; these customers can be send a message suggesting them if the car dealer can be of help to them.

Used tools and programs

Adobe XD
Affinity Designer

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