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Cycling through the mountains at home.

  • App design
  • Animation
  • Prototyping

Similar to the rowing machines from WaterRower, the German company NOHrD designs unique fitness devices using high-quality materials. To extend the cycling experience with digital possibilities, their indoor cycling device, the NOHrD Bike, allows for mounting of a smartphone or tablet.

When I was designing the NOHrD Bike app I wanted to 'do something different', and focused on creating animation-based interactions throughout the application.

Project at

Several screenshots of the Bike app.
Screenshot of the pacer view of the Bike app.

Something different.

The combination of the phone/tablet app and the NOHrD Bike provides an experience that is truly special. I wanted to create unique interface elements for the app, reflecting the high-quality standards that the NOHrD company has set for their products.

  • App-specific color scheme
  • Large-scale Lottie animations
  • Minimalistic look
The NOHrD Bike from NOHrD.

Control your pace.

The pacer UI element in the NOHrD Bike app guides users to cycle at a specific pace. The colour of the interface element directly displays how far off the pace the user is. Workouts can contain parts, allowing for switching of pace over time. When switching to a new part, with a new pace, the interface briefly highlights the new target speed.

Screenshot of the History view of the Bike app.

Stay motivated.

Gamification elements such as achievements and trends are great motivators for users to continue using the app. These elements are very common in sports-related applications and have shown to do their job.

Screenshot of the intro view of the Bike app.
The NOHrD Bike from NOHrD.

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